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P.O 50252, Toronto, Canada
Phone: 1-844-44-ABOND
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Building memories

Building a new home goes far beyond bricks and mortar, timelines and budgeting, and amenities and décor decisions. What you are really building is thousands of moments that go into making a house your family home. Let ABOND help you enrich that experience.

You’ve seen the new cookie-cutter builds and dated places in constant need of updating. Neither would be right. Because what’s good enough simply isn’t good enough for you.

The perfect neighbourhood and the best street to build a high-profile home designed with your family’s unique needs in mind; intimate and inviting where it counts, functional, and supremely comfortable. A place where you would entertain your friends – one that’s styled with elegance of taste, flawless in every detail, and filled with exact, subtle nuances you can take real pride in because you’ve personally selected every element.

ABOND can turn your dreams of custom-built perfection into reality. We’ll help steer your course from initial plans to final completion, offering you proven expertise, lean-team cost efficiencies and professional, hands-on project management.

We not only guarantee a worry-free build, we’ll make the process a pleasure: The first of many memories to come as you form an ever-lasting bond with your new home.

ABOND – Because there’s no place like your own.